About Us

Kilowatt Electrical   has been established in 2013, certified electrical contractor and is integrated services provider in electrical power sectors specialized for Air Insulated Substation Switchyard erection with high quality and safety. We also provide all types of LT & HT cable laying and termination, Transformer erection, commissioning and testing, transformer oil filtration, Switchgear erection services and instrument transformer testing.


To stand as one of the most venerated major contributor in power sector through quality service provision with higher safety, energy efficient and eco-friendly substation solutions, systemizing all electrical services by maintaining global standards.


We at kilowatt are strived to achieve the excellence electrical service provider globally.

  • Power is within us.

  • Power is within us.

Our Services

AIS Switchyard erection up to 220 KV

• All types of circuit breakers (CB), current transformer (CT), Lightening arrestors (LA), Isolators, Capacitor Voltage Transformer (CVT) and Bus Insulator Positioner (BPI) along with the structure erection and Gantry Structure erection with leveling.

Cable termination and Jointing of all LT and HT cables

• We provide all LT and HT cables heat shrink and cold shrink termination and jointing services.

Transformer erection, commissioning and testing

• We provide transformer installation and commissioning services.

• Transformer testing which includes polarity testing, Tan Delta testing, SFRA testing , Transformer winding resistance and Transformer ratio testing.

Transformer Oil Filtration

• We provide Transformer oil filtration services.

LV & MV Switchgear-panels installation

• We provide all type of LV and HV panel installation services.

Instrument Transformer Testing

• Polarity Testing.

• CT and PT winding resistance testing.

• CT and PT ratio testing.


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Jaymin Rathod : 072849 80291 
Jimit Dhruv : 094274 09566